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The best sourdough pizza place outside of Italy? We think so…

And they live next door to us!
And yes, of course we exchange haircuts for pizza…

Sodo started as a petite pop-up at E5 Bakehouse, the London Fields artisan bakery and cafe, and its success has led to them launching two stand-alone restaurants now.


It’s the perfect little destination if you like a good quality, reasonably healthy pizza that satisfies without making you want to carb-crash afterwards.

It also wins on the affordability front, with prices starting at just £4 (leaving change for the incredible Clemintine Panacotta afterwards.)

We wanted to spread the word about the lovely people behind the best sourdough pizza outside of Italy, so we sat down with Enzo who started up Sodo 3 years ago with business partner Dan.

So, tell us a little bit about Sodo?image1
The concept was born out Dan’s idea to set up a business making really good honest fresh ingredients on a pizza, which sourced local ingredients.

It started as a pop-up every Sunday in London Fields and just got a really good reception. From there, we decided to get our own little shop, which is next door at 126!

When did you open next door, and why in Clapton?
Dan, the principle owner, lives in Lower Clapton and has been in London for 6 years. He knew this part of East London was up-and-coming, and thought Upper Clapton needed somewhere to go and have fun, a good bit of food, decent wine and beers so we chose here.

So it was Sodo that bought you two together? No I’ve actually known Dan since school. He’d had worked in hospitality as had I, and we made pizza at university.

What’s been the highlight of Sodo so far?
I think just watching the company grow – it’s the highlight everyday when we just step back and go god, we’ve got 2 places now. Well, 3, as we also make pizzas in the pub in Hoxton. Three venues with staff, and a work force of about 30 and the highlight is just watching loads of customers come back. Every week you know, the same customers.

12885889_944479805670924_3987862393946338174_oWhat’s your favourite dish on the menu?
About 3 months ago our head chef in Clapton made this one called, ‘She’s like a rainbow’ and it had chilli and oregano, salami, mascarpone, olives and basil pesto. It’s just unbelievable – the salami we get is from a little producer in Islington who has an incredible charcuterie. It’s just decent decent pizza.

So all your producers are London based?
As much as we can. Our Salami and our beers our veg from Dagenham but other things we have to bring in from Italy as well.

Where do you go for a quiet beer in Clapton when you’re not a Sodo?
If I have a little bit of time a lot of us like to go down to the Crooked Billet sometimes we go down to the Clapton Heart as well further down I do like Biddle Brothers they’ve got a Parrot in there that is always a bit of a laugh and there decent fun in there as well

Thanks a lot Enzo, and make ours a, ‘She’s Like a Rainbow’ please ;-). Check out Sodo here.


By Heather Tosh

Written by Sean Fordham