March 9, 2016 Moose London No Comments


You’ve been hearing all the buzz about OLAPLEX and now we’ve got it in the Salon.

OLAPLEX is a 3 step system with all 3 steps containing the same patented active ingredient. It was created by two of the worlds leading PHD’s in Material and Chemistry, Dr. Craig Hawker and Dr. Eric Pressly. They invented a single ingredient chemistry, free of silicone or oils, that link broken disulfide bonds in the hair during and after the chemical services making them stronger than they were before. No.1 is the concentrate, No.2 is the cream form, and No.3 is a take home version of the No.2, formulated for clients.

By adding OLAPLEX No.1 into your chemical service, we are minimizing the damage done during the process. This is something that has never been done before! The No.2 is a treatment to show your hair some much needed love. It is crucial that the No.2 sit on your hair in between services for a minimum of 15mins to get the full benefit of the treatment – your hair will love it!

No.3 is the take home stage of the OLAPLEX service. You need to do this treatment at home once a week to restore your hair from the thermal and mechanical styling you do on your own.

The fabulous thing about OLAPLEX is that its compatible with all hair types and can be used not only during all salon services from colour/highlights to relaxers but it is also a stand alone treatment whether your have natural hair, virgin hair, or chemically treated hair.

Written by Sean Fordham