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There are two things to take into consideration when it comes to the hair: the color and the manner by which it is made. Perhaps the most prominent trend in the fall 2016-2017 hair colors is the fact that most appear to be perfectly natural, whether we are looking at a blonde or especially the browns.

Silky chestnut is especially in it appears for the coming season where roasting chestnuts will be a most enjoyable family activity while cozying up by the fire. The top fall/ winter 2016-2017 hair color trends are:

1. Blonde: This may appear intriguing, but practically all shades of blonde are more than acceptable for the fall and winter seasons as they appear in everything from a strawberry blonde to an ash, a dirty blonde and platinum. Blonde comes in golden and in muted, brighter sunshine and nighttime dandies.

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Hair Color Trends: Blonde

2. Brown: Just as with the blonde, the brunettes are also allowed to wear their hair as they wish, for it is seen in multiple different shades throughout, from the darker, near black coloring to the lighter, chestnut appearances. Keeping it a natural shade is what you should focus on.

3. Black: The hair is not always looking soft and lovely. Sometimes it looks dark and gothic and the beauty looks are no less enticing than the locks pulled into a deep side part and coiled in the back, gothic in the appearance as a whole. We do not see as much of the black as we would like but it is certainly trending, along with practically every other color around.

4. Ombre: The roots having grown out was never a great look in the past but now when the final product appears to be a nice ombre where the roots and the ends are not a stark contrast but a lovely continuation of getting lighter as you move lower, the look is certainly a great way to color it up. The best ombre or balayage is with blonde, the roots being a dirty blonde themselves or a light chestnut coloring.

5. Roots Grown In: The color combinations change throughout and we can say that we see a whole lot of the blonde as well as the chestnut on the runways. We also see some roots grown in and color contrasts, with black at the crown and blonde down the tresses. Rag & Bone is just one that brings in this look with pleasure.

Fall/ Winter 2016-2017 Hair Color Trends: Brown, Ombre

The beauty of the fall 2016 hairstyles lies in the way the hair has been pulled back, the addition of details, the side it has the part from and so much else. Every little aspect adds to the hair’s beauty, while certain eras have a certain influence on each year’s trends. This year, we see a good lot of lovely hairstyles appearing on the runways.

Written by Sean Fordham